Black Belt Aviator is focused on SAFETY.  Black Belt Aviator is about aviation safety and patient safety.  This may seem to some as quite a difference in focus but it is really simple.  Here is the story behind why we do what we do.

David Costa, President, Black Belt Aviator, has been involved in aviation since childhood.  He currently has over 13,000 hours of safe flying in a wide variety of aircraft, from J-3 Cubs to airliners.

Black Belt Aviator uses this experience to serve the legal and aviation community by providing expert testimony and litigation support.  We focus upon pilot actions and the pilot’s interface with the aircraft, environment and other influences.

So why the link to patient safety and the medical community?

David Costa has over 20 years of experience with medical devices.  We have seen first hand the danger to patients due to the misuse of medical devices, drugs or the human factors involved in patient care.  When one compares aviation safety to patient safety…the results are surprising.

Did you know that 100,000 patients a year in the US are harmed due to errors?  This is the equivalent of a Boeing 747 crashing every single day!  We do not accept a poor safety record in aviation….why do we allow it in health care?

When Black Belt Aviator looked at this situation we saw an opportunity to serve.  Our experience in aviation training, aviation safety and litigation support could benefit the health care community.  We have a truly unique perspective on how to benefit not only the medical patient but also those care givers who work so hard to help others.  No blame here, but a solution to improve a bad situation.