Pilots Prefer Twins

Real Pilots Do It With TWINS!

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twinCome on!  You know you always wanted to fly TWINS!

Here is you chance to experience MULTIENGINE FLYING

and SAVE $290!

The program includes the following:

  • TWO one-hour ground instructional sessions
  • TWO one-hour simulator sessions in a FULL MOTION simulator!
  • Personalized coaching to review your results and assist you.
  • DISCOUNTED flight time upon completion in our 1958 Piper Apache.
  • First hour FREE Flight Instruction in our 1958 Piper Apache.

New to Aviation OR Seasoned Aviator

We will adapt to YOUR experience to give you a great experience!


ONLY $499.00


CALL: 775-742-7079

Explanation of the program:

This course is designed for pilots AND non-pilots.  American citizens only, unless already approved by DHS.

The purpose of the course is to introduce people to the benefits, safety and challenge of multiengine flying.  It includes a two one hour ground training sessions with a FAA certificated flight instructor.  This will include the principles of multiengine flight and an overview of the tasks required to pass the FAA multiengine checkride.  Non-pilots will find some of this material a bit advanced, but efforts will be made to present the material at the level of the student.  New and experienced pilots will gain valuable insight from the program.  Ground training will also include an introduction to the full motion flight simulator along with the simplified checklists that will be used for the full-motion simulator portion of the training.

0110c0f7bad51c87e181bc8252da0dd04fe4475eeaRed Bird Full Motion Simulator.  Experience the unique qualities of multiengine flight in our full motion simulator with realistic graphics and a realistic aircraft cockpit.  100% safety, and the ability to explore the full envelope of multiengine flying.  Some students may be able to log this simulator time per FAA regulations.  This program includes TWO one hour simulator sessions, complete with a pre and post flight briefing.

At the completion of ground and simulator training, the student will have a 30 minute debrief to coach, and guide the student based upon their individual wishes, needs and skill level.  This program will help the aviation enthusiast with zero flight time and the highly experienced pilot as well.  The program is guided by a professional pilot and former airline pilot with tens of thousands of hours of flight time.

Take the program to the next level:

Upon completion of the ground and flight portion of the program, the client will be awarded a discount certificate that offers additional discounts.  These discounts will provide the client with the opportunity to take what they learned in the ground and simulator training and fly a real twin engine aircraft, our Piper Apache!

The DISCOUNT CERTIFICATE will allow up to two hours of flying at only $200 per hour! In addition, your flight instruction, is provided at NO CHARGE!  If you flew for two hours after you complete the ground and simulator training included in this program, you save $340.00 over our regular prices.


The voucher must be purchased prior to 1 January 2016 and the training voucher used within 6 months of purchase.  There are no refunds for any reason, other than problems with the Red Bird simulator OR Piper Apache aircraft that would preclude the student’s ability to complete the program.  Any request for refund must be made in writing.

A current FAA medical is not required.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone flight training for any reason, upon which a full refund will be provided.

Ground portions of training may be combined with other students.


To register and pay for the program, call David Costa, 775-742-7079 or email, dcosta@blackbeltaviator.com.  You will be invoiced and sent a link where you can pay with credit card or PayPal.  Checks can be mailed, or you can stop by our hangar at the Minden Tahoe Airport, 2227 Bellanca Rd., Hangar B-1, Minden, NV  89423.