Overview of Qualifications

Pilot Expert, Litigation Support

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David Costa, is a pilot expert who combines more than 20 years of flying experience with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a diverse group of people.

This experience can provide you with consulting, expert opinion or litigation support that can make an objective review of the facts while also providing clarity and simplicity in testimony.

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Highlights of Qualifications:

David Costa is a pilot expert with diverse experience in a wide variety of aircraft types.  This professional aviation experience includes Part 91, 121, 125 and 135 operations. Total time is approximately 10,000 hours.

Flight instruction experience focused on the owner/operator (includes), and focused on operations in real world conditions:


Technically Advanced Aircraft

Complex and High Performance


Single Pilot IFR

David is a former check airman for a Part 135 operator.  Current flight instruction activities focus on the safe, single-pilot operation of high performance aircraft under all weather conditions.  Aerobatic, unusual attitude and tailwheel operations are also areas of specialty.

David is an air show pilot, touring the USA with “Race 707” a modified L-29 Delfin Jet.  This aircraft is a Reno Air Race aircraft in the jet class.  See more about air shows by visiting, http://www.FlyingForLiberty.com.

David is a Colonel and pilot with the High Sierra Wing of the Commemorative Air Force flying the Navy N3N and rebuilding an F-86 Sabre Jet.  He is also a former instructor pilot, mission check pilot, SAR pilot, and drug interdiction mission pilot with the USAFA(CAP).

Over 20 years of safe aircraft operations in all weather conditions.  Skills include operating aircraft both as a part of a crew and as the pilot in command in single pilot operations.

Tailwheel experience in aircraft from the J-3 Cub to the DC-3.

Aerobatic experience in aircraft like the L-29 Delfin Jet, Pitts, Extra and T-6 Texan.

Flight experience with aerobatic and tailwheel aircraft includes both pilot in command and as the flight instructor.

Light Sport Aircraft experience.

The list of aircraft owned and/or operated includes:

Military Jet Aircraft

Pitts Special

North American AT-6

Twin Commander

Piper Apache (currently owned)

(and extensive flight experience in many other makes and models of aircraft)

David combines executive level business management experience, consulting and public speaking in both aviation and busines.  These skills provide you with someone who can communicate clearly to a wide and varied audience.

Other projects include the establishment of new standards in patient safety in the medical industry using the proven techniques and initiatives already successful in commercial aviation.  These projects include the appropriate use of automation, situational awareness and human factors issues to change the paradigm of patient safety.